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Interview structure

Assess on
•    Competence         Can he / she do the job ?
•    Motivation         Will he / she do the job ?   
•    Match             Will he / she  fit in (Team / organisation )?

Interview structure
1.    Opening, rapport building and basic knock out items
2.    Current and previous roles
3.    Aspirations and Awareness
4.    Education and upbringing
5.    Circumstances and interests
6.    Closing, wrap up

Current and Previous Roles
•    Tell me about your career to date starting with your current job and responsibilities?
•    How did your interest in this job develop?
•    How are you measured? How well are you doing comparatively? Why?
•    What are the most satisfying aspect of your role, and the most frustrating? (What do you enjoy most, and the least?)
•    What aspect of your job is the most challenging (and easiest)?
•    What part of the job do you consider to be your most successful? Why? and least successful?
•    What are your greatest achievements at work? Most significant disappointment or failures?
•    What is the most complex task you have undertaken?
•    Take me through your typical working day?
•    Tell me about your current and previous bosses. (What kind of people are they? The best, the worst )
•    Tell me about your previous roles? - Why did you move? What factors influenced your move to ..? How would you describe your career to date?
•    Describe the work you do.
•    Why do you like your work?
•    What areas of your work that you do not enjoy?
•    Why do you describe your achievements as achievements?
•    What areas do you need to improve in?
•    If I were to ask your Manager to describe you, what do you think he would say?
•    If I were to ask the people in your team to describe you what would they say?
•    What are your goals for the next 3 years?
•    What would you like to be remembered for?
•    How would you do things differently in your work?
•    What are the points when you find people in your team getting stressed?
•    When do you feel stressed? Can you tell me about the last time you got stressed?
•    If you had to run your team (or company), what would be your priorities?
•    What are the 3 most critical things in your job?
•    How do you handle your people? If they have a grievance, what do you do?
•    How do you check for quality?
•    When do you know there is a quality problem?
•    What do you do about it in your present job?
•    When you retire what would you like people to say about you?

Aspirations and Awareness

•    What are the most important factors you consider before taking a job? How should it be structured to provide you with satisfaction? What motivates you (and demotivates)
•    Where do you want to be in two years time?
•    What do you see as your strengths and limitations? (what will help you achieve your aspirations?)
•    How would your colleagues / boss customers describe you, etc.?
•    Anything you would like to change about yourself? Why?
•    What do you see as the qualities of a successful ...?
•    How do you stack up against them? (strongest / weakest ) What experience have you had using these skills? and evidence
•    To what extent do you consider that progress in your role or career is representative of your ability?
•    How do you cope with conflict? (Any examples?)
•    What have been the high points in your life?
•    What have been the low points?
•    What would you have like to have done differently?
•    What do you consider have been the critical points in your life?
•    How would you describe your life today?
•    Which role in your life do you enjoy the most?
•    What do you like about yourself? What do you not like about yourself? What are you proud of in life ?

Education and Upbringing

•    Tell me about your education - any achievements, any regrets / How successful were you? Would you recommend that your younger brother/sister goes to the same school? Why?
•    Why did you study (etc.) and why select.......?
•    What did you learn out of university which is relevant to a .....role?
•    Apart from your studies what other university activities did you get involved with / How do you relate that experience to your career?
•    In retrospect do you feel you should have done something different?
•    Tell me about your childhood? How do you get on with your parents ( On which occasions have you disagreed with your parents)
•    What sort of expectations did your parents have about your career and education? What do your brothers and sisters do (older, younger)? Have you discussed this job with your parents?
•    Who has influenced you the most? Why?
•    How do you relate to your father/mother?
•    Who has most influenced your personal development?
•    What would you have liked to study if you had a chance all over again?
•    What do you like about your studies?
•    How much of it do you feel applies to your work now?
•    Which areas do you think you need to upgrade yourself?
•    What do you think of the present education system?
•    What are your colleagues doing now?
•    What relevance do grades have to the workplace?

Circumstances and Interests

•    How is your health? Any days off in the last year?
•    What is the most serious illness you have had?
•    Any plans for marriage? (for non married people)
•    What are your major interests outside work? Any notable achievements? How much time do you devote to your leisure activities?
•    Any positions of responsibility? How did you come to be ...? Why do you think you were selected? What is involved in the role? How successful were / are you?
•    What do you know about the IT scenario in India? Describe.
•    Can you compare your approach to your work versus leisure activities?
•    What risks do you see in moving to... (Company)
•    What do you do in your spare time?
•    How do you divide your time between your professional growth and personal growth?  What is the nature of investments made?
•    Have you attempted to carry on your early interests? What prevented this?
•    What do you expect your company to do to enhance your interests?
•    How watertight are your interests from your work?

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