Wednesday, 6 April 2011

answers to Interview questions

1)  Tell Me Something About Yourself ?

2) What Is (Are) Your Strength (Strengths)?

3) What Is (Are) Your Weakness (Weaknesses)?

4) Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

5) What Are Your Short Term Goals?

6) What Are Your Long Term Goals?

7) Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

8) Why Should We Hire You?

9) What Kind Of Salary Are You Looking For?

10) Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?

11) Do You Prefer To Work Alone Or As A Team Player?

12) What Made You Choose Your Major / Stream?

13) Why Didn’t You Pursue A Career In Your Major / Stream?

14) Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

15) Are You Willing To Travel?

16) Are You Willing To Take Risks?

17) What Do You Know About This Company?

18) What Do You Seek From A Job?

19) How Do You Evaluate Success?

20) During Your Performance Reviews, What Criticism Do You Hear The Most?

21) Is There Anything Else That We Should Know About You That Would Impact Our Decision?

22) If I Tell You, You Are an IDIOT, a FOOL, a RASCAL; Can You Think Anything Positive About It?

23) If You Were an Animal / a Can Of Soup / Some Other Random Object Which One Would You Prefer & Why?

24) What Will You Do If You Are Asked To Give a Bribe?

25) Suppose I Tell You I Don’t Like Your Face? Then Why Should I Select You?

26) If Your Boss Is Taking All The Credits For Your Work, What Will You Do?

27) Suppose You Find Yourself In a Deserted Island. What Three Things You Will Need To Survive?

28) How Do You Think You Conducted Or Performed During This Interview?

29) How Mobile Are You?

30) Why From ECE To IT Domain?

31) If After Sometime You Start Disliking The Job? What Would You Do?

32) What Have You Learnt From Your Failures?

33) Tell Us An Incident Where You Had a Problem With Your Team-Mate. How Did You Handle It?

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