Saturday, 30 April 2011

How to Start a Business without Investment

Want to start business, but do not have capital to start? In today's world of computers and internet you can easily start your own business with little or no investment. Blow find some nice tips and profitable ideas to start business without capital in India.

All great businessmen started their careers with acute shortage of funds. They succeeded because their approach was positive and needless to say different from others. In today's world of computers and internet you can get started with your business with absolute ease. You need to follow certain strategies.

How to Start a Business without Investment

    * Every business needs activities like enlisting, renting office or retail space, hiring, etc. Delay all such activities until your business starts breaking even. This can best be done if you start working from home.
    * Strive to do everything yourself. Do not hire an expert.
    * Don't hire lawyers, technical people or assistants for your work. You can get plenty of advice from the internet. There are many free websites which give you good advice.
    * Try to do all your financial statements for your business yourself. Do it in your excel. This will spare you the cost of a CPA or bookkeeper .
    * Do not splurge on advertisements. Instead build your own website and try to popularize it.
    * Do go for a top end domain name; aim for the ones on the cheaper side; you can find plenty of them.
    * Take print out of your website with a few attractive words and paste it at important junctions of the city.
    * Simultaneously start your own blog and write about the problems you face or the business ideas you have. People will respond to your queries or views. It can be a good measure of the impact of your moves.
    * Get a free business website at Create pages like experience, rates, testimonials, availability, etc.
    * Rent a small both in a local fair or festival. If you cannot, print a leaflet and spread your views or advertise your products and services. Talk to interested people and get their feedback.
    * Post an offer on craigslist and videos on youtube with links to your website
    * Write a good article and send it to popular websites. Do not forget to include your byline. Get some knowledge on how to use Google Adwords. Do little investment and see whether its working or not.

These ways will help you popularize your business and get quite a few clients. Invest your profits into renting a proper office space and hiring employees.

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