Sunday, 10 April 2011

Society of Integrated Coastal Management(SICOM)-Recruitment 2011

Recruitment of various posts in Society of Integrated Coastal Management(SICOM) 2011
Ministry of Environment and Forests is implementing the World Bank assisted Integrated Coastal Management(ICZM) project through the Society of Integrated Coastal Management(SICOM). SICOM is inviting applications for the following positions:
Geologist cum remote sensing specialist:
Qualification: Ph.D in Geology/Geomorphology
Experience: Minimum 2 years experience after completion of Ph.D degree. Experience in CZM and proven skills in coastal & marine geology/geomorphology and application of remote sensing & GIS for coastal management are desirable
Pay: Rs.60000/-Sociologist
Qualification: Ph.D in Sociology
Experience: Minimum 2 years experience after completion of Ph.D degree. Proven skills in articles/research papers preparation and social auditing of coastal communities and experience in analysis of social institution functions and mechanisms by application of social research methods and statistics are desirable
Pay: Rs.60000/-
Qualification: Ph.D in Economics
Experience: Minimum 2 years experience after completion of Ph.D degree; proven skills in articles/research paper/report preparation. Experience/knowledge in cost – benefit analysis, risk assessment, valuation of non-market products, knowledge in region growth assessment and macro-economics, economic planning and budgeting are desirable qualification
Pay: Rs.60000/-
Qualification: Master degree in Planning (or) Engineering
Experience: Minimum 5 years experience after completion of master degree. Experience in development of coastal development structures; experience/knowledge in disaster management plans and mitigating structures are desirable qualifications
Pay: Rs.60000/-
Public Relation Officer:
Qualification: Mater degree in public relation/communication (or) Diploma in advertisement/media/journalism/MBA
Experience: Minimum 2 years experience after completion of Masters degree. Experience in coordination of meetings/workshops, web design and publishing and experience in report preparation are desirable qualifications
Pay: Rs.60000
Technical Assistant–A:
Qualification: Ph.D in Marine Science
Experience: Minimum 2 years of experience after completion of Ph.D; Collection of primary and secondary data on costal and marine environment. Experience in report, research papers/articles preparation are desirable qualification. Experience in coastal environment management activities are desirable
Pay: Rs.40000/-
Technical Assistant–B:
Qualification: B.Tech(comp/IT) Masters degree in computers science/Application
Experience: Minimum 3 years experience after completion of bachelors degree. Experience in web design & software; working in Environmental Information Systems are desirable qualifications
Pay: Rs.40000/-
Administrative Consultant:
Qualification: Any degree
Experience: Minimum 20 years experience in Central Government services
Pay: Rs.40000/-
How to Apply: Interested qualified persons may send applications by post to the following address not latter than 15 days from the date of advertisement(i.e. upto 20/04/2011) Dr.A.Senthil Vel, Director MoEF & NPD ICZM, No.9, Institutional Area, Delhi Tuberculosis Association Building Lodhi Road, New Delhi–110003
Further Details:
Please view for details and application format.

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