Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Women Enrepreneur

Hi Ladies,

Love you all.....I am a women with lots of hopes to achieve and successful in my life. I am not really clear about my thoughts and want to your suggestions and guidance in order to love want I want to do.

I am working as a software engineer in a very good company here in US. The work is not bad but it is not motivating me looks like i dont fit in this field. From my childhood i knew that but with parents wish i became an engineer and continuing same responsibilities.

I dont want to lead this life for another 40 years. I want to do what i like the most. coming to me i am very artistic and creative person, i always finds something interesting and what to do that stuff.....

I do painting, Crafts,Fruit carving, Event planning, Decoration, Drawing, cloth painting, cloth embroiderer, Mehendi name it related to art i am very interested in that...the other thing is i am very interested in jewellery and cloths....i go mad about them....

I want to do something related to this kind of business. I live in US and i dont have any clue about these.

Can some one suggest me how to proceed further with my thoughts? i first want to start a business which makes sense ( means i know that it is going to be stable and profit me). Then i want to try for new business ideas in creative field.

The first thing comes to mind is cloth Business and jewellery business. Can some pour thier experiences and suggestions regarding this or you can pour in any ideas that match up to my interests.

A women

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