Saturday, 4 June 2011

how to keep women happy

Here is the explanation of the list and the answer to your question:-

1. Praise her cooking even if sometimes it may not turn out to be well:- Cheeky
2. Be humorous:- Big Laugh
3. Appreciate everything she does for you:- Pleased
4. Never do things that make her mad at you:- Cookoo
5. Put on some cool music and dance with her sometimes:- Dancer
6. Play with her like a child sometimes:- Yippee
7. Avoid saying No to her wishes:- Hopeless
8. Be a good listener and nod your head when she speaks:- yup
9. When angry don't shout. Just keep quiet:- Can't Talk
10. If she cracks a joke, act as if it was great:- Big Laugh
11. Make her feel like a queen:- Queen
12. Deflate any inflated egos that you may have:- Bouncy
13. If once a while she loses it...let her be:- Bang Head
14. Always wave to her when leaving the house:- Wave
15. Smile at her often:- Smile
16. If she makes a mistake just grin and let it go:- Very Happy
17. Never express doubts on her abilities:- Cynic
18. Overlook all her faults like wearing dark glasses:- Cool
19. Don't oppose her views too much. Say Yes even if she maybe wrong:- No No
20. In case of heated arguments, let her raise her voice. Keep your's low:- Rant
21. And last but not the least...please her in bed. Wink

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