Friday, 23 November 2012

5 Challenges

1. Trust
Take one object that you consider priceless.
Find a person you trust.
Tell your trusted person to hide the object somewhere local.
Have the trustee make a twenty step map using only drawings.
Find it.
Document the map, object, trustee, and location of your find.

2. Elevate
On a sunny day.
Find two adjacent high points.
Hold a conversation in morse code using signaling mirrors.
Use two video cameras to document each persons point of view.
Speak your mind.

3. Encompass
Walk the permeter of your local area backwards
Videotape your point of view.
Do this with the help of a friend if necessary.

4. Sacrifice
Have a friend blind fold you and lead you around for a day.
Videotape your point of view.

5. Execute
Death of Ketchup
Find as many different ways and locations to destroy a full packet of ketchup.
Document with photography and take pride in destruction.

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