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Sardar jokes Funny Comedy Jokes of Sardar

Sardar jokes Funny Comedy Jokes of Sardar

1. Lecturer : Write A Note On Gandhi Jayanti.
Sardar : Gandhi Was A Great Man But Maa Kasam , I Dont Know Who Is

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2. Sardar : You Cheated Me.
 Shopkeeper: How ?
 Sardar : YOu Said This Is American Made Radio.
But When I Put It ON, 
 It Says All India Radio.

3. Sardar Got Into A Bus On 1st April When Conductor Asked For Ticket.
 He Gave Rs.10/- And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool. I Have Pass.

4. Sardar Joined New Job. 1st Day He Worked Till Late Evening On The 
 Boss Was Happy And Asked What You Did Till Evening.
 Sardar : Keyboard Alphabets Were Not In Order, So I Made It Alright.

5. On A Romantic Day Sardar's Girlfriend Asks Him. Darling On Our 
 Engagement Day Will You Give Me A Ring.
 Sardar : Ya Sure, From Landline Or Mobile.

 6. Two Sardars Were Fixing A Bomb In A Car
 Sardar 1 : What Would You Do If The Bomb Explodes While Fixing.
 Sardar 2 : Dont Worry, I Have A One More.

7. Interviewer : When Is Your Birthday.
 Sardar : 13th Oct.
 Interviewer : Which Year ?
 Sardar : Oye Ullu Ke Patte : Every Year.

8. Sardar Was Busy Removing A Wheel From His Auto. A Man Asks Sardar 
Why Are You Removing A Wheel From Your Auto.
 Sardar : Cant You Read The Board. Parking Is Only For 2 Wheeler.

9. Sardar : What Is The Name Of Your Car ?
Lady : I Forgot The Name, But Is Starts With "T".
 Sardar : Oye Kamaal Ki Gaadi Hai, Tea Se Start Hoti Hai. Hamaara Gaadi 
 Petrol Se Start Hoti Hai.

10. Boss : Where Were You Born ?
 Sardar : Punjab.
 Boss : Which Part ?
 Sardar : Kya Which Part ? Whole Body Born In Punjab.

11 . American India Told Sardar : Hamare Desh Me 90% Shaadi E-Mail Se 
Hoti Hai.Sardar : Kya Bath Hai. Hamari Desh Me 100% Female Se Hoti Hai.

12. How Will You Destroy A Submarine Full Of Sardars ?
Simple. Just Knock The Door And They Will Open It.

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