Sunday, 3 April 2011

Questions for the HRM Processes in Organizations

1.    What is the mission statement of your organization?
2.    How does your organization conduct the SWOT analysis?
3.    What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organization?
4.    Does your organization maintain the HRIS, replacement charts?
5.    Do you conduct the job analysis? If yes then which method does your organization use?(observation,interview,technical method,group interview)
6.    What is the process of recruitment and what are your recruitment goals?
7.    Do you think any constraints on the recruitment process in your organization?
(Government interference less budget etc)
8.    Which recruitment sources do you use e.g. external sources or internal search?
9.    Do you use blind box advertisement?
10.    What about recruitment Alternatives (if employees are needed on the emergency basis)?
11.    What are the main steps of the selection your organization follows?
12.    Who is the last and final authority who selects the candidate?
13.    How doest your organization follow the orientation and socializing process?
14.    What do you think is the purpose of the orientation process?
15.    How does your organization determine the training needs for employees?
16.    What approach does your organization use in training employees?(on the job ,off the job)
17.    How does your organization conduct the employees’ development?(job rotation, committee assignment, seminars and lectures etc)
18.    How does this effect the organization in your view?
19.    How does your organization evaluate the employee performance?
20.    What appraisal method does your organization?
21.    How does your organization evaluate the employees’ job?
22.    What evaluation method does your organization use?
23.    What sort of incentive compensation method do you use?

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