Friday, 6 May 2011

Japan HR Leaders Respond to Nuclear Risks

Since the dissemination of our earlier press release on Japan HR's response to Ensuring Employee Safety and Business Continuity, we have been receiving numerous requests from regional HR leaders to compile more reliable information as the situation changes daily. We have therefore put together a second questionnaire that we sent to our network of HR leaders in Japan, and we are publishing the results today.

Foreign media outlets have been reporting on Japan and the ongoing risk of a nuclear incident around the clock, and this is putting enormous pressure on multinationals to be seen to be reacting accordingly. Regional HR Directors and business leaders have come to us to try and concentrate on hearing the ‘real' information from practitioners themselves, rather than through the filter of either the international or Japanese press.

Here are the questions that were asked in this second round:

1) What is your current policy on repatriating expats in your organisation? Has this changed in the last two days? What were the reasons for your decision?

2) If you are repatriating expats, is your company paying for them and their families? Has this changed in the last two days? What were the reasons for your decision?

3) If you have already repatriated expats, how has this affected the remaining employees? What was your communication strategy?

4) Until now, many companies have made no distinction between locally-employed foreigners and Japanese employees. However, now with individual embassies issuing their own evacuation warnings, some foreign nationals are pointing out their direct contradiction with company policy. How are you now dealing with non-Japanese employees on local contracts?

5) Have you made any full evacuation plans for your entire office? If so, what are the triggers that will set this plan in motion?

6) Do you have any separate procedures for the safety of the senior leadership team? Are they still working from your office? Are they still in Japan?

7) What extra measures are you providing for employees' families? For example, do you already have an in-house nursery, and if not, are you setting one up?

8) Have you put into place any other security measures that you would be willing to share?

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