Friday, 6 May 2011

In what way we can improve the loyality of the employees

Interesting Query !, I don’t have any time tested or proven remedies for this. But we can discuss it on this forum and get excellent answers from seniors and readers.

My suggestions are :

Complete orientation and knowledge of company’s policies and procedures.

Awareness of organizational culture among employees

Listening to feedback of employees regarding matters related to their employment.

Rewarding employees for their “gone-extra-mile” contribution with incentives, certificate of appreciation, R n R Events, gift vouchers, or simply a pat on the back or gratuitous thank you, appreciating E mail or Letter.

Wishing, congratulating, and appreciating personal events and achievements of employees in their lives.

Appropriate work – life balance for all employees across all departments.

On time salary payments

Transparency in policy making and decision-making related to employee matters.

Motivating employees to believe that, they are important part of the organization and it’s a teamwork towards growth success and prosperity. “Partners in Success”

This are few suggestions which came to my mind.

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