Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MAHINDRA SATYAM Technical Interview

• Tell me about yourself
• Mini Project
[Nearly 5 minutes he screwed. Be clear with your projects. Explain to the panel in an easily understandable way]
• Final Sem. project in MCA
[He asked many questions regarding that]
• Languages you are comfortable with? C,C++,Java,…
[I told C languge]
[Be in a safe region, because the rest of the questions will come from that]


[The introduction was so informal. And the HR was so cool and friendly. Unfortunately, I didn't know that it will become a stress interview]
• How are you Sindhiya?
• How was the Technical Interview?
• What is COBOL stands for?
• What is the acronym of IBM?
[I told the answer but I was not confident in it]
• Your marks in 10th, 12th, U.G. and P.G. are good. Even I'm not having such marks. But I feel your performance in this interview is not upto the mark. What do you think about??
[This question was a trap to check the attitude]
• Okay, May I ask you a question in Physics. Will you answer it?
[Since my U.G. degree was B.Sc. Physics]
• What is hysteresis loss?
[Luckily, I remembered and answered]
[At any point, don't lose your confidence. Even you failed in answering questions, be confident and put a smile in your face]

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