Tuesday, 10 May 2011

As all of us know, 2011 passed out students

As all of us know, 2011 passed out students were the people greatly affected by recession. I was one of them. After a long waiting, I got an email from CTS that I am shortlisted for the written test. With great excitement, I started my preparation. I searched for previous papers, practiced them and built my confidence. CTS basically has two rounds of interview.
1. Written test (Analytical ability).
2. Technical + HR.

I went to the centre that I was called for. I could see a huge crowd there. I thought it was an effect of recession. At first, I felt I might not clear the test as the competition was very high. Later, I built confidence in myself and went to the hall. We were asked to fill our personal, educational details, skills etc. Then we were given 2 question papers. One neednot worry about written test if analytical skills are good. Better knowledge in English helps. Time management plays a very important role. If one can manage to go through the whole paper within the given time, it helps a lot. So finally I tried my best to complete the whole paper. That day we were asked to check for results online after 7.30 PM. I checked my result and I was shortlisted. I was very happy to get shortlisted in written out of thousands of applicants.

The very next day was the technical interview. There were many panels each with an interviewer. I was finally called after a long waiting. This was the discussion went on between me and the interviewer.
Interviewer: Hello!

Me: Hello! Goodafternoon(Giving my file with resume and certificates). Interviewer: Take your seat(while taking my file).
Me: Thank You!
Interviewer: So, tell me something about yourself.
Me: I explained about my educational background, my views about why I want to work in IT industry and some questions that he asked.
Interviewer: Then he asked about my projects and where I did them.
Me: I explained him about my projects, their functionality and how I could do them in a government organization.
Interviewer: What is MVS architecture?
Me: I knew the concept but couldn't remember much. So explained him whatever I could get back in my mind.
Interviewer: What is Software Life cycle? What are its phases? What are software models?
Me: I explained everything. Some discussion on those topics went on.
Interviewer: What have you done for the past 10 months?
Me: I was working for a publications company as a technical writer. Simultaneously, I prepared for Gate and so I could gain lot of technical
Interviewer: Are the results out?
Me: Not yet. The results will be announced tomorrow.
Interviewer: How did you write the exam? Are you expecting a good rank?
Me: I prepared very hard for it and I am sure I will get a good rank.
Interviewer: What will you do if you get selected here and also you get a
very good rank in GATE? Will you reject the offer?
Me: No. I would be very glad if I get selected here because I want to
support my family financially. I want to do my higher studies but not now.
Interviewer: Ok. How good are you at programming?
Me: I am very good at programming.
Interviewer: Can you write the program to generate Fibonacci series?
Me: Sure. I wrote it and he has checked.
Interviewer: Your academics seem to be very good. Didn't you get selected in any company through college?
Me: I got selected for Satyam in my third year of B.tech. But as you know,
it got collapsed. Later due to recession, there was no recruitment.
Interviewer: Ok you can leave now. We will intimate you through email.
Me: Thanks, bye.

When I came out, the person standing there asked me to wait in a room. Then I confirmed that I cleared the technical round. Then I was called for HR interview. HR interview was very cool. He asked me my educational details, what I know about the company, why I wanted to work there and all. I gave him all the answers. Finally he stressed on 2 things.
1. Will you be able to relocate to any place if you get selected?
2. Will you be able to work if you are directly placed into project?

I said YES for both. Finally, he asked what salary I was expecting? I said, "As per company norms". He said that I would get to know the results through email. I thanked him and came out. Two days later I got a mail that I got selected. I was very happy.

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