Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Forget and forgive" !!!!

"Forget and forgive" its the most comman statement others might offer you for a particular situation where we might have been cheated, decieted and taken aback by someone's actions.

What I believe is that nobody, yes nobody but "we" are ourselves responsible for whatever happens to us- good or bad. If thought for a while this statement will make sense, because we have something like  a conciousness which tells us what is right and what is wrong.

I think I have made a statement which might not be going down some people's throat or should I say ears and finally to their brains!

Well lemme explain- it is as simple as if we don't eat we feel hungry and if we eat we don't. We can extrapolate the same logic to problems in our lives and get a reason which actually points to "US" (not united states) for all the problems in the world.

Now about "forget and forgive". We have no right over another being but 100% on ourselves, so we should forgive each time, we make a mistake and forget those which cannot be corrected and soon we will realise that we have found a meaning to our life. But the catch is that we need to correct not forget the mistakes we can improve and some day eliminate.

Yes life is forget and forgive-- there is no third person just "ME".


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