Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What you mean by "Open marriage" or "open relationship" !!?

What you mean by "Open marriage" or "open relationship"? Whatever you defined above is nothing but "keeping the options open". Yeah... there are plenty such "open relationship" out in this world, I assume. I would compare someone, who keep going behind everyone in this world, with that of a street dog. There is a whole lot of difference between caring a dog, raised at home and that of a street dogs. Both are dogs, but their quality and standards differ considerably.

To Caring

You shocked me with your narration and understanding of the Hindu marriage process. Probably, you must be one of the many in this "modern world", who have such opinion. There is nothing wrong with the Hindu marriage process, including "trading the buffalo in the upcountry market", but the problem lies with the people, who (mis)understand the marriage process. Have you ever thought, the so-called "ugly buffalo", who gets traded in the market does the same, when she gets her son married later.

Certainly, Hindu dharma never preaches or accepts such trading. Personally speaking, when my parents began my marriage process in 2001, upon my return from abroad, we received about 120 horoscopes from different sources. We picked only one and tallied it. I was so careful, not to entertain such trading process of the girl. So, we asked for her picture in advance. But, her mother said "we don't have the habit of sending pictures in advance", but they adamantly got my picture for her approval. we went to her home and had the first glimpse of her. Before reaching her home, we decided to say "YES" to this girl, however she is, though she had seen me in picture.

I am now wondering, whether I was subjected to such a "buffalo trading" in this way Winky.

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