Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Who's at fault - Men or Women?

Sexual urge in any living being including the human being is a natural phenomenon which is meant for producing progeny.  It is the cosmic design lest the species would get extincted at one stage.

Male species crave for female ones all the time and unlike other living beings only in human being this powerful urge is controlled and streamlined by social edicts and taboos for man is a social animal.

ID, the self centre present in every human being send ripples of sex desire to the ego which looks for ways and means to satiate.  A cultured human being whose super ego which is meant for monitoring the ethics and values prevents a person from seeking unfair means and hence the person is able to suppress / repress this urge so as not to engage in obnoxious, unethical and unlawful deeds in getting this desire satiated.

However, a person with weak super ego because of absence of poor conscious as well as subconscious critical filters go all out unmindful of social taboos, laws of the land and self conscience to satiate the inner urge for sex as the suppressed or repressed urge would burst out at the slightest provocation by men/women.  That is the reason for such atrocities by men against women or women against men.

When one can look into the incidents, most of the incidents do happen when the women induce men through their appearance, ugly and uncouth behavior, provoking gestures, amorous gaze,  most importantly in the manner not allowed by the society they are in, men lose their mental equilibrium – obviously by the natural dormant animal instinct to defy social edicts.  The mind gets more corrupted when  men are under the influence of liquor buttressed by gang behavior.

Electronic and print media also report unchaste behavior by women which goes mostly unnoticed for one reason that the assault is either mild / covert / passive.  Many families are affected now-a-days by extra marital relationships involving women as the root cause.   Hence sexual assault is common for both men and women.  Unless otherwise the society is conscious of fortifying the critical filters in children to get away from such nonsense and use this urge in the right direction, crimes against women brutally as also men will be on the rise in the days to come as well.

The affected men and women due to sexual assault may get healed physically sooner or later whereas the mental trauma especially in the cases of teen age girls and boys would remain forever to haunt them during the remainder of their life.

Parents, elders and teachers should work together to protect our next generation keeping the magnitude of such incidents in mind.  Parents can and should enlighten their children on sex at the time right and manner, ensure their moral support in effectively handling their mental stress and lovingly guiding them to neutralize this natural urge.  If this is done, infatuated love and subsequent molestation and/or acid attacks on girls would be banished.

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