Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Use Your Brain Like Your Computer

God has blessed us all with Brain which is similar to hardware in the computers.  Mind being the software – both brain and mind work together to make us live successfully in life.


We need computers with higher capacity according to our needs – whereas nature has gifted everyone higher capacity brain and very few are willing to use it at optimum level.  According to our requirement, we can and should tap our brain to deliver matching to our requirement.  NLP says all the resources are available within us.  Wise know this fact and act accordingly.


Certain jobs need to be done fast for which we need modern state-of-art processor.  In this competitive world which adopts hire & fire concept, we need to deliver quickly and perfectly.  Our brain (which invented the processor itself!) is a rapid bio processor which processes inputs admirably.  Healthy food, required sleep, relaxation and good habits enhance brain processing.


Sufficient RAM is essential for the computers to work fast.  .  Focus, clarity and concentration make our job easy fast.  A confused mind with abreast thoughts prevent our brain from functioning fast. Clarity is power.  A technical expert needs a computer with higher RAM - so is the case of with people at the top of echelon in organizations.

C, D, E and F DRIVES

All the drives must have space for storing essential items alone.  Files are created intentionally as well as automatically (back- ups) and we periodically delete unwanted the files. One should learn the art of deleting bitter and useless memories.  Those who want to dwell in the past keep these unwanted memories denying space for good ones.  Forgetfulness is a blessing in disguise – practice it.


Computers tend to highlight files and items used most frequently.  So is the case with the brain. More we remember, more we enhance our memory.  Matters that need to be stored for long should be remembered time and again.


To prevent computers consume more energy, we put them in sleep mode when not in use.  We must learn to relax and give rest to our brain – little breathing exercise, an afternoon nap, silence, avoiding unwanted cogitation etc., would ensure conservation of brain power.


There is a Refresh Button in our computer which we use to refresh as and when necessary.  Washing the face and eyes in cool water, sharing a healthy joke with our friends, little entertainment, a brisk walk in the breeze, a short meditation and the like would fresh up our brain to function better.


Computers are prone to virus.  There are sites which have virus files to cripple our computer.  Negative thoughts are the virus that affects our brain more seriously than the computer virus.  These thoughts cripple our brain and result in poor performance.  The inbuilt antivirus software is positive thoughts, powerful affirmations, potent auto-suggestions which can handle any serious virus.  We need to interact with people who may have corrupt files in the form of negative thoughts and destructive suggestions -please learn to scan with discrimination and quarantine the negative aspects.


We are very careful with free downloads which may affect our computers badly.  People are mad after freebies only to get cheated through spywares.  Silly people are ready to share nonsense with us for free whereas erudite, experienced and perfect people are rare to find.  Wise would go after legal and branded software using self conscience as effective filter . We are to seek the company of good people with wisdom, values, morals and ethics to protect our mind, which is the software to work with our brain – the hardware.


Automatic updating is enabled in our computers.  Likewise, update your knowledge through learning, unlearning and relearning daily.  Have quality time with right people and avoid time wasters to update our brain effectively.


Use suitable and correct operating system (OS) - Faith in God is the excellent Operating System that can take care of your needs.  People who don’t have faith in any God can believe their self – the Atman which is nothing but God.  Shaky faith paves way for apprehensions, fears and phobias in life which hampers our mind.

I am sure this metaphor of comparing our brains to computers make them remember all the good to follow in life to protect our brain so to put it for the best use.

All the best to you my friends!

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