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Career objective
To build a career in a globally reputed organization in the areas of Human Resource Management & Organizational Development with focus on Performance & Career Management

Currently working in UNOCAL Bangladesh ), world’s one of the largest oil & gas exploration and production companies as Management Trainee-Human Resources since July 21, 2004.

Major responsibilities:

·         Training & Development
-       Compile training needs from Performance Appraisal & Training Needs Matrix
-       Prepare and follow up on comprehensive Training Plan for the whole business unit
-       Source training programs (local/overseas) & training vendors/trainers (in-house/external/overseas)
-       Initiate, organize and implement leadership and generic/cross functional training programs
-       Coordinate job-technical/functional training programs
-       Administer Training & Development Database & Training History Database

·         Recruitment/Selection & Induction
-       Prepare and drive Recruitment plan
-       Conduct preliminary applicant screening/résumé screening as per short-listing criteria
-       Determine Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) questions that will assess leadership qualities of candidates
-       Coordinate BEI interviews/recruitment test
-       Drive and coordinate induction programs for new hire

Major accomplishments:

-       Developed Training Efficiency Measurement tools
-       Developed Training Feedback Measurement tools
-       Developed Comprehensive Training Plan for the company

In-depth exposure to:

-       Development of Fixed Term Employment Policy & Procedure
-       Development of Expatriate House Furnishing Policy & Procedure
-       Development of Disciplinary Procedure
-       Development of E-Recruitment System
-       Development of Gas Plant Employee Handbook


-          BBA (CGPA 3.82 on a 4-point scale; degree awarded with Honours) from The University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka-Bangladesh in September 2003

Major: Human Resource Management                                  Minor: Marketing

-          HSC (60.9% marks) in Commerce from Radiant College, Dhaka-Bangladesh in 1998

-          O’ Level (3Bs & 2Cs) of the London University in 1996


-          Worked in the Human Resources division of Aventis, world’s one of the largest pharmaceutical companie(  from Oct 1, 2003 to Dec 31, 2003

Areas of focus:

·         Job Analysis: Prepare Job Terms of Reference (JTOR) for corporate office management employees
·         Recruitment: Short-list applicants, Invite applicants for interview, Coordinate Interview Session
·         Training Needs Assessment: Compile Training Needs of corporate office management employees

-          Worked in the Human Resources division of Telekom Malaysia International Bangladesh Ltd (AKTEL- ,  from Aug 21, 2002 till Oct 10, 2002

Areas of focus:

·         Develop forms/tables/reports to be generated by the Training & Development database
·         Compile training needs from Performance Appraisal
·         Draft intra-office training correspondences
·         Provide data entry support to the Training & Development module of the HRIS

Leadership & Project Management skills

Deputy Leader of an academic project on “Development of Bangladesh Film Industry”, presented at the 6th International Convention on Students’ Quality Control Circles, Lucknow-India, Dec 16-19, 2003

Workshop attended

Attended workshop on “Human Resource (HR) Accounting” organized by and facilitated by Parveen S. Huda (Section Manager-HRD of CARE Bangladesh) and Asif Zaman (Manager-HR of Paxar Bangladesh) on 10-Dec, 2004

Computer skills

Use of MS Word, PowerPoint and Internet (browsing & email)

Major academic term-papers

-          Human Resources Activities of Roche Bangladesh Ltd (RBL)
-          Compensation Philosophy of Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd
-          Human Resources Focus on Aventis (Bangladesh)
-          Training & Development Issues of TM International Bangladesh Ltd (AKTEL)

Courses in Major                                                                    Courses in Minor

Human Resource Planning                                                           Consumer Behavior
Training & Development                                                             Advertising
Labor Economics                                                                                                           
Compensation Management                                                                               
Industrial Relations & Labor Law

Extra-curricular activities

-          Member of  a web-based forum for Human Resources Professionals around the globe for exchanging ideas and communicating industry practices;

-          Regular contributor to the “Rising Stars”, a weekly supplement of The Daily Star, a renowned national daily of Bangladesh during 1999-2000;

-          Trained in TaeKwonDo style full-contact unarmed combat




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