Saturday, 26 March 2011

Making Your Car Run on Water, Is It Really Possible?

That's true. Water can be converted into gas and this powers your car. With this, your groans and moans on the increasing fuel prices will not be heard again as it will not affect you as much from now on. Making money isn't easy and thus, we all need this water-conversion system in our vehicles. I won't say that you won't need fuel anymore after this but having a system that converts water into gas in your vehicle saves you between 40% to 80% of fuel. Let me tell you more about this system.

How does it work?
Water (H2O) is converted into a gas (HHO) using a HHO gas kit. A cell that has a catalyst, namely baking soda, is needed to do this task. This cell has several plates that are made of stainless stell, just like a battery. In that cell that contains water, an electrolysis process occurs to produce gas. By using the vehicle's vacuum, this gas is taken into the intake manifold of the vehicle. This subsequently reduces fuel consumption by about 50%. Everyone loves saving money, and so this is great news to hear.

What are the benefits of the system?
It is needless to say that you will be saving money from the less amount of fuel used. Not only that, you will gain an increase in horsepower. Your engine will be cleaner because the water actually cleans your engine as you drive. The ride will also be quieter and smoother. This is because the combustion cycle benefits from the water by having the carbon deposits removed. Subsequently, the water also prevents these deposits from forming ever again.

There is less wear and tear as the valves, pistons, bearings and rings now last longer and this translates into more savings for you in terms of lesser maintenance costs. Not only that, you do your part for the environment too. As the output of the cell is water again, this reduces emissions and you now have a water hybrid car. Not forgetting, the temperature of the engine is reduced too. so, this translates into being more environmental-friendly.

The system is safe to use as it deals with mostly water. Just regular tap water will do. There is no risk of electrocution and you can be rest assured that this system is safe for both you and your vehicle. Installation is also easy and you can do it yourself. If you prefer to let your mechanic handle it for you, then you can simply hand over the kit to him.
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