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Management Resume,


    * Full name
    * permanent Residence addresses
    * Contact Phone Number
    * Email address


Brief out your knowledge and experience in the field of management

E.g.: planning, organizing, resourcing, leading or direction and controlling an organization

Having a high experience of 6 years as a accounting management in the practical application of management techniques to control and report on the financial health of the organization


Give a detailed explanation about your responsibilities in management, so as to make the readers feel you are the best person for the job

    * Mention the duties you did as a manager, and the results you received on the basis of your work
    * Mention down the rewards you attained on the basis of your work result


    * Mention your major responsibilities in your company as per your work experience. E.g.: a highly experience team lead with 4 years of work experience in programming and development. Strong designing and team leading skills with extensive knowledge in SDLC and project management
    * Give a glimpse of your previous work-related experience, skill and knowledge.

This section should have minimum of three educational details. Always try to give full details regarding your education including degrees and awards received. You can write details as below:

General studies, XYZ High School Major, year

Graduation, XYZ College, year

Masters, XYZ College, Year


If you have done any relevant courses for previous jobs, include them to beef up your credentials. Mention any certifications done related to your degree. For e.g.: implementation of the plans in management field may facilitated by utilizing technical, educational, and financial assistance programs from NRCS.


Start with your most recent work experience at the top. Include all relevant or related experience, no matter how old. Avoid long gaps when you write your work history. If you have large gaps, try to cover up with a brief description of any kind of related job or experience during that time you did. If you’ve had many job changes in short span, be sure to explain why, e.g. it was a contract job, relocation Etc. Never blame your previous employer or previous job as you could be viewed as someone who is difficult to please, even if your arguments are legitimate.

You can use the below template to describe your work experience.

Tenure Company Name Designation


Theoretical scope:

There are 5 theoretical scope in the field of management.

    * Planning
    * Organizing
    * Leading
    * Co-ordination
    * Controlling

Mention all your skills in the above said field in full details, which will make the reader feel that your resume id outstanding. Make sure that you will give the impression to the reader that you know the things form basics of computer like, C, C++. Basic etc

Software experience

Emphasize on your software skills that you have used in the completion of projects.

Project Details

Project Name: Mention the project name which you are/were working

Client Name: If this particular project is for any client please mention the client Name

No of Members in Team: Mention the No of members in the Team with which you have worked, this will give information regarding as you are team player.

Duration: Mention the duration for which you have worked on this project

Description: Give brief description of project like what the software does and what all are the features of it

Technical Skills used: Give the technical description of the project giving the technologies and skill used in the project.

Rolls and Responsibility: Mention your rolls and responsibility in this project, mention all the activities that you performed in completing this project.

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