Saturday, 30 April 2011

business ideas

A person who owns a business would know the seriousness of being an entrepreneur and a successful business leader. The best ways to do is research on the new business ideas and decide on which home business ideas give you the best return on investment. For those venturing into home business need to have a clear focus.

    * Here are certain scenarios an entrepreneur face:
          o No one purchased my product inspite of doing day and night efforts, on making this business successful.
          o The business plan has stopped in the initial stage and was never put together.
          o I never had the time to focus on my goal of starting a website.
          o I don't like marketing and sales and I hate to promote the product this way.
          o Not able to make sales calls to customers because of no time.

To make the ideas for business fruitful and working focus on those activities that help you generate a good amount of financials and also a good ROI. You don't have to do a huge business but just the right plan and a good execution will make way for it. An idea of a business plan works if you measure the time and save by establishing rules in your business and thus spend a lot of time on your business.

ROI can be measured by the prestige of the company and the industry as such and how much the opportunities the company has.

    * Will your business idea lead to a bigger business and success?
          o To determine this, you have to analyze your vision and mission of the company. If you spend a focused time and move closer to your goal then will you reach your desired outcome?

    * How would you determine the returns from your business?
          o Determine the cash outflow. The outflow cash need to be determined in advance.

    * Will the ROI help in reduction of the errors?
          o Determine how the ROI will impact your business

    * How will it increase the time and the prestige of my company?
          o This is to position your company as a business leader and also entice all your business prospects. There are numerous things that you can do with a good business idea in India. The investment wouldn't be high but with a minimal amount of capital you can start being your own master.

Here are a few ideas that you can take up as a startup business idea:

   1. You can apply for a marketing/sales representative job.
   2. You can write blog and articles.
   3. You can start websites on the areas of interests that you like.
   4. You can start a day care or a pet care.
   5. You can freelance.
   6. You can become a small time designer and make a home studio.
   7. You can paint and exhibit your art.
   8. You can tutor.
   9. You can do share trading and selling in eBay.
  10. You can render secretarial help like typing, printing and copying.

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