Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How thermal plants can be re-energised with help from US agencies

Thermal power plants in India are partnering with third-party service providers for performance improvement, troubleshooting and diagnostics, according to Mr Scott Smouse, Senior Manager, National Energy Technology Laboratory of US Department of Energy.

Speaking at Power Plant Summit 2011, Mr Smouse said through long-term partnership with US Agency for International Development, technical assistance is being extended to India's coal and power sectors for nearly 30 years. This has been extended to bringing about efficiencies in partnership with NTPC.
3 state utilities

Three Indian State utilities — the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB), the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) and the West Bengal Power Development Corporation (WBPDC) — under the Asia Pacific partnership for clean development and climate have been covered, he explained.

The two-day conference is being held here with the theme ‘Development of service providers network for Indian thermal power plants'. Various power sector players have converged here, and are focussing their attention on improving plant efficiencies and bringing down carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Smouse said Indian utilities and US service providers can forge strategic partnerships and create a network to address plant efficiencies.

Mr N.N. Mishra, Director, Operations, NTPC, said that the Government designed scheme perform, achieve and trade makes it mandatory for Indian companies to improve efficiencies and cut carbon dioxide emissions. NTPC has gained significantly over the years by bringing about internal efficiencies. “If service providers convince utilities about demonstrate-able improvements, they will be too willing to partner,” he said.

Mr Harish Chandra Prasad, past Chairman, CII-AP, said there was a need to develop a network of power plant service providers in India for plant improvement. He said such a network would help communicate to players the importance of latest performance improvement techniques, help reduce dependence on original equipment suppliers.

The event was hosted by the CII, the Green Business Centre, and the US Department of Energy.

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