Tuesday, 10 May 2011

An Interview of Wipro BPO

HR : Good Afternoon.

Me : Good Afternoon  Sir.

HR : So you opted for Pune, why Pune and not Mumbai ?

Me : The work culture of Pune is better than that at Mumbai.

HR : Is that so? I do not agree with it, Mumbai’s work culture is much better.

Me : I have been in Pune and Mumbai for some time and I feel Pune is better.

HR : But I say Mumbai’s work culture is better besides you will learn faster in Mumbai than in Pune, then why Pune and  not any other place.

Me: Sir actually speaking I do not have any objection in working at any of your centre but as I was asked to decide amongst Mumbai and Pune I would prefer Pune.


(A/N -> He was testing how firm can you be on your decision and I utterly failed in interpreting this)

HR : By the way many happy returns of the day.

Me : Thank you Sir.

HR : Its your B’day but still you appeared for this interview ?

Me : Yes sir, B’day comes every year but job opportunities don’t come every year.

HR :  No, job opportunities do come every year !

Me :  But sir having a job in hand before completing education is much better.

HR :  So you are determined to take a package home with you ?

Me :  Yes Sir.


(Then he asked some personal information about family background and I replied comfortably)

HR : It seems that you have been living with your parents for last 21 years . Are your parents willing to send you outside for doing a job? Won’t you be homesick?

Me : There is no problem with me leaving my home for the job. And as it goes for homesickness I have lived in Mumbai for about 2 months earlier so the question of homesickness doesn’t arise.

HR : Do you have any problems with night shifts – any medical reasons – high BP , diabetes etc.

Me : No sir.

HR :  You have excellent grades in your previous exams , why don’t you try for software companies instead ?


(This was the turning point of the Interview. the candidates who faced interview before me had warned me about it. They were putting a condition before giving the offer. They said that if you accept the letter but do not join, you would be blacklisted and would never be able to join any of the Wipro Companies. I being a computer engineer could not afford to leave all future chances for a BPO. So I decided to play foul.)


Me : Definitely sir if I get a better opportunity I would surely grab it.

HR : Do you mean that if you get an offer form some company say Infosys you would not join us.

Me :  Yes sir definitely.

HR : In that case why should I select you if you cannot guarantee  me job stability ?

Me : Sorry sir I cant promise you any of such things as per your demand.

HR : Well then that’s all from me . Anything you would like to ask?

Me : No Sir.

HR : Thank You . You may leave.

Me : Thank You Sir.


For those who are serious about joining BPO please be very sure that you agree to their terms and conditions. (They had rejected some candidates who asked for some time to think over the bond or joining centre issue).


The package is negotiable as long as your demand is not illegible. Its not hard to get into the BPO just keep your cool and prepare your pronunciations well.


Best Of Luck 

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