Thursday, 5 May 2011

how to become a good film Director

Direction in the film industry is not an easy joke. The person must put forth full of his effect to achieve the great seat known “Good Director”. However, completing a film successfully is really a headache job. To see the director work many may think it as an easy job sitting at a sit but that sit is thorn until you complete the job.

Ways to be a good director:
1)    Before stepping to the final step as good director, the person must begin their first step to be a director at a school or well versed film making training school.
2)    Get a certified director. During the course try to make some short film out of your own ideas. Try to all rounder so that it will be much useful in future.
3)    Join as an assistant director to any of the director so as to get good number experience in that field and also you can let to know about many people in the film industry.
4)    Taking care of health is also essential because both the director and his assistants will have the duty to move around all places where the shooting take place.
5)    Choosing producer, actor, actress, shooting place, location, music director, singer and other co-actors and other essential factors are chosen out of director interest or you may have substitute members to do this works.
6)    Most important characteristic that a good director should pose is good speaking ability. You must be a good communicator only then you can be well recognized among people.
7)    Plan out or sketch the necessary elements and things required for the film. Try to manipulate with all things such as at audio recording, chorea preview and so on.
8)    Creativity should be the most important thing and you should know how to tackle things.

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