Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to Become a Model

India has a good market for modeling and acting business. Bollywood, produces thousands of movies a year, which needs professional models in addition to actors and actresses. There are also plenty of editorial and runway opportunities for Indian models, particularly with the emergence of Indian fashion designers and the launch of fashion magazines like Vogue India.

Here are few Instructions for you if you want to become a model in India:

* India has a large market for a variety of modeling jobs, not just high-fashion modeling, market is open for teen modeling, body parts modeling and commercial modeling also, so you have to decide what type of model you want to become. Commercial modeling is more accepting of models who come in all shapes and sizes, and not necessarily only tall and very thin ones.

* Take some photographs of you to send to various agencies in India. The photographs don’t have to be professional, but they have to give an accurate impersonation of what you look like. Send at least one one full body shot and close-up of your face. If you are considering body parts modeling (i.e. feet and hands) take photos of the body parts you think are best suited for modeling.

* Since India does not have many accredited modeling coordinators, your best bet is to submit your photos to Elite Model Management in India, which is the premier modeling agency in the country. It is an authorized agency that won’t  take advantage of you or try to rip you off.

* Email your photos to Elite Model India and their address is : or Upload your photos to the their website, You may also mail your photos and a short bio to the agency at this address: 2nd Floor, NDIIT Building, 105 MOR Pocket, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019, INDIA. A representative from the agency will be in touch with you.

* Go to as many “go-sees” and castings as possible. A go-see is like a short interview in which the model meets with a client who then decides if the model is suited for the job. It is often helpful to go to castings and meet recruiters, agents and clients in person.

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