Monday, 9 May 2011

HR Interview Questions & answer

1)  What is your greatest strength?

Ans: my greatest strength is my strong and positive thinking.
honesty is my policy and i am hardworking...


Ans:Since I am a organized and self motivated person I can do my level best to improve your company?s standards without much supervision and also I have physical and mental fitness to face any stress condition.

3)  What is the main role of HR in an organization?

Ans:Well, The role of HR is not only managing the human resource but also it is a strategic business contributor. It is not worthless to say that HR provide the support to management in accomplishing the organizational objectives. Intellectual Management or Human Resource Management in this transition phase is handling by HR.

4)  What are your weak points?

Ans:Never say any single weak point which is related to your carrier nor to the interview you've come for. That may definitely effect your performance in the interview. Nevertheless, if you feel that you have any, try to overcome henceforth, provided you don reveal the same to any one.

5)  How would describe your ideal job?

Ans  :   It should have healthy environment to work with in a well established company. it can give a better platform to improve our skills and way of working which will be more effective for growth of the company and for our growth too.

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