Monday, 9 May 2011

Is Herbalife A Suitable Business For You?

This company has been around for a long time and has gained a reputation as one of the most successful, solid network marketing companies in existence. They first started trading more than thirty years ago, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, you will also find them listed on the New York Stock exchange.

Mark Hughes started the company because he wanted to find a way that people could not only benefit from better health, but could also have a chance at creating financial freedom for themselves through the person to person referral marketing system. Herbalife have made some amazing achievements over the years and now operate across the world in 73 different countries, it's estimated they have an independent distributor network of more than 2.1 million! They've also received many awards such as the 2010 Apple Award, Seoul Social Welfare Contributor of the Year Award, The Centre of Excellence Award from Benchmark Portal and the 2010 Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

The Range Of Products

You will have a large line up of products to choose from with Herbalife, in fact one of the biggest in the industry. You will find products specifically geared towards, weight management, digestive health, heart health, specialist nutrition, personal care and immune system health. Having a large range of decent products, such as what this company offers is great for attracting prospective customers.

All of their products are subjected to demanding clinical trials so you can be sure you are getting the best products, add to this that the company controls most of the production process and you have the confidence of good quality products for your customers. They also have a scientific and advisory board who research and continually improve the products.

The company also runs training classes for its distrubutors in health and nutrition, so that they are better qualified to advise their customers.

The Herbalife Business Opportunity

In order to join as a distributor you can sign up for $50 and this will immediately qualify you for a discount on the products so you can start selling immediately and make a profit. However to make the most out of this business you need to build a team of distributors under you and earn from their efforts, this is known as residual income and this is where the real power of network marketing comes in. With Herbalife you will be one of the highest paid in the industry as they put 73% of their sales back into the distributor pay plan, there are not many, if any other companies that pay out so much.

You will be able to earn from retail sales, repeat (autoship) customer orders, plus royalties and various other bonuses. Your efforts should be concentrated on prospecting and recruiting, then getting your new team members into profit as soon as possible by training and motivating them. This is the way to make the big money with this business.

You will need a steady flow of targeted leads to your business though if you are going to sponsor any significant numbers. You can certainly start off your business by prospecting your immediate circle of friends and family, however its highly likely that this won't produce the results that you are looking for. You MUST devise away to generate 10, 20+ leads each day for your business AND be making a presentation to them.
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