Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Traits of Effective Leadership

Being honest is one of the most vital effective leadership traits in successful leaders. Honesty should be shown towards the organization which the leader is leading and also towards his fellow employees and stake holders of the organization. Whether it is a small company or a large multi-national organization, honesty in the leadership of the company alone can take it ahead on the path of progress. Honest leaders have a lot of mass support and respect in their company, as well as in the society. The unity in the company increases a lot with honest leadership.

Talent must be included in the effective leadership traits list. If you observe carefully, you will notice that most of the famous world leaders are highly qualified and have the ability to think in a more creative and unique way than the rest of the world. These people are visionaries and know very well, what will be the short term as well as the long term effects of their actions. Reasoning abilities, decision making, effective management and effective leadership styles constitute the concept of 'talent'. Though many leaders are said to be 'born-talented', this talent gets nurtured only with practical experience.

Confidence and Enthusiasm

Confidence and enthusiasm are the essential and effective leadership traits, which make a great leader. A good leader should always be charged up and should boost the morale of his workforce. He should have tremendous energy and enthusiasm to work for long hours and achieve the set targets. Having faith in one's abilities and the eagerness to learn new things, improving with the changing times by adapting to the new technologies and learning from the previous mistakes are all signs of a smart and effective leadership. However, one should note that over confidence and excessive false pride can be a hindrance to the progress and development of the company or a team. The effective leadership traits include generating a team spirit among the workforce by proper implementation of strategies.

Respecting Opinions of Others
Another one of the effective leadership traits is the important value of respecting the opinions of others. While taking any decision, whether big or small, all the concerned persons should be consulted and given prior information. Give the freedom to every person to voice his/her opinion freely and try to implement all those suggestions which are in the good interests of the team or organization. Taking decisions on your own without taking into account the presence of others gives rise to unnecessary feelings of rivalry and hatred, which will definitely prove to be detrimental to the interests of the entire group.

Presence of Mind and Decision Taking Abilities
Presence of mind and decision taking abilities are those effective leadership traits which can make a very successful leader. There are many situations wherein some kind of difficulties attack the progress or even the existence of the group. Such situations can be overcome by presence of mind and taking brave decisions at the right time. Decision making is a very complex process and needs a dynamic leader to complete it. For more leadership articles, refer to:

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The effective leadership traits mentioned above are needed in leaders in all fields of life. Outstanding leadership skills have changed the lives of many people till date.

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