Tuesday, 8 May 2012

why we are in search of true love allways ?

Is that we need someboby in our life who who totally care for us
with whom we can share everything . Without whom we feel gloomy
& sad.

I think its human nature to always look for things that elude us! Hopeless Love being the most elusive, so the search is always on. I think most of us deep down, especially women, are hard core romantics. No matter how independent, successful and strong we are, we still hope for that perfect lover who will sweep us off our feet. Deep down the desire for true love constantly burns. Its not that we stop living or do not come to terms with what life offers us, but I guess its just a dream of ours which we hold onto.
true love has its unique fragrance and thats y its so valuable.....

the thing which is rare people runs behind it.......

same applies to love.........

its very rare and very valuable too........run behind it jump for it cry for it fight for it and finally make it urs okay

the limit is ur imagination am nonsto

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