Thursday, 15 November 2012

Can a guy and a girl can be just good friends?

Can they be "only" good friends???
Is this attraction towards opposite sex???

If a boy and a girl says that they are only  good friends, there are more chances of being in love of any one of them. Or one of them might be liked by other and want to extend their relationship.

there are chances of a better mutual understanding than those in a relationship.
there can be chances of them falling in luv 4 each other.frankly speaking there cannot be a general answer...
but from my experience i can tell that there can be a very deep friendship between people of opposite this i dont mean that they are falling in love.

Belief and view differ from person to person.
On seeing a mango  ppl  remember its taste and wish to eat.
Some body wishes to present it to the beloved ones.
Some body wishes to take a photo of it.
Some body wishes to get it in lot and plans to sell it and earn money.
Mango is one and thoughts  differ.

Similarly "good friends" is depend upon those guy and gal in which way they
view themselves to each other.  
They need not bother about the third person.

It depends only thoughts ... guy and girl can be good friend or may be more.. if they think that the relationship should be more strong.. they can be good life partner..

some people thinks that a husband can not be good friend... but they are wrong... becoz if there is no place in ur heart for ur husband ... there is nothing... its better to make best friend to your husband....

love generates from where.. first people meet .. they come closer through t friendship... then they start to know each other.. and finally the promise to each other to spent whole life wid each other....

i dont wanna share my bad experience here.. i just narrate here that my fiance' didnt understand the meaning of husband ...  and she never admit me as her gud friend.. but she was wrong.. husbands are not only for to make physical relationships.... they also need best friend as a wife...

well finally i would like to say... "JO WIFE YA GIRL HUSBAND KE MEANING NAHI JANTI ... WOH KABHI BHI KISI KI NA TOH BEST FRIEND HO SAKTI HAI OR NA HI NORMAL FRIEND HO SAKTI HAI...OR SAME AISA HI BOYS KE SAATH BHI HAI... JO WIFE KA MEANING NAHI JANTE" relationship develop karne ke liye respect, love, care, faith, genuineness or mentally strongness jaruri hai... PHIR WOH RELATIONSHIP BEST FRIEND KA HO YA WIFE HUSBAND KA ....

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